Poly Bubble Mailer - 9.5" X 14.5" ( #4 ) - 500 Pieces = 5 Cases

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Regardless of if the program is small, large, firm, or fragile, our white Poly Bubble Mailers are equipped to handle the distribution task! Moisture resistant and tear evidence, its properly insulated bubble cushioning enhances defense against the daily delivery process in which products may be tossed around and also handled fairly aggressively. Ideal for electronics, glassware, kitchenware, jewelry, DVD’s and books; online retailers will really save money by lessening the need of delivery articles in boxes. Remarkable, supreme and cost effective, you will find a lot of sizes on our site that will supply you the important choices you need to have for delivery products.


If your desire is to upgrade your shipping methods we’ll Poly Bubble Mailers is the source for your ability to succeed. As a long time distributor of Poly Bubble Mailers, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are completely knowledgeable of the final results that these mailers have made for a lot of businesses and individuals alike. Able to protect your shipments from weather hazards, dust, dirt and moisture, Poly Bubble Mailers are intended from polyethylenematerials which equip them to be dependable amidst some of the most torrential conditions. With all the expansion of this product, organizations like ours makes on hand in this product, different mil thickness choices that vary from around 2.0 mil-3.0 mil.


The trust that we generate in our customers would be the assurance that they won’t get a 2.0 mil mailer in place of a 3.0 mil mailer as an unethical method to save cash. With all the multiplicity of internet box businesses in the market, unfortunately businesses exchange credibility as well as client satisfaction for fast profit benefits, regardless of how bad it impacts the customer. We stand by our ethics of high end, favorable reliable service and fast order shipping. Poly Bubble Mailers are good for looking sound, non-fragile products like books, clear plastic ware as well as clothes articles. Like many of our mailers, Poly Bubble Mailers are sold without our logo thus you as the buyer can have the blank choice to print your brand and have these sacks as a promotional tool for your company. Therefore with regards to upgrading your shipping/mailing methods, enable us to be your number one source for high quality Poly Bubble Mailers simply since we guarantee you’ll expertise cost savings all across the board.

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