Square Sliver Silicone Sugar Mat

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Whenever a silicone mat is this inexpensive, simply one is not enough. The Square SliverMat provides the exact same attributes as the others, but in more linear form. Each and every SliverMat holds the possibility to produce many modern-looking amenities using just one mat. The SliverMats will also be great for sugar because they are so thin and flexible. You can fill up the mat with sugar, allow it to begin to create then drape the mold inside a bowl or maybe cake ring to eat contour. If the sky-high sugar cools, unmold your new curvy forms. We believe SliverMats are tools that are great for creating a student's ingenuity. See for yourself—challenge them to find out who could make the coolest micro-showpiece dealing with just one mat! Full mat is 7" tall x 8" great x 1/8" thick. 17.5 cm tall x 20 cm great x 3 mm thick. Made from food-contact-safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450° F / 232° C.

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