Raspberry Pi 4 Armor Case Dual Cooling Fan Enclosure Aluminum Alloy Case With Heatsink Pillar Compatible With Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

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Features:Comprehensive Protection --- Raspberry Pi 4 armor lightweight aluminum alloy metallic case specially made for the Raspberry Pi 4 Computer Model b, the counter is very easy to produce a dense and solid shielding film to safeguard the substrate from oxidation, it is light and durable, good wear resistant, and hard to embroider.Effective Heat Dissipation --- Built with two quiet cooling fan and built-in winter column, then cover with aluminum alloy metallic components situation, producing heat dissipation without noise and great cooling functionality, two cooling expericnce, more powerful temperature dissipation.Superior Signal Transmission --- Open case building and slotted lightweight aluminum alloy situation does not impact the WIFI BT signal transmission. More effective work.Anti-Fall --- Like previous releases, the lightweight aluminum shell carved by CNC not merely will offer nicely heat dissipation, but additionally should provide you with additional protection of Raspberry Pi. It wraps around Raspberry Pi 4B like exoskeleton, safeguarding your Pi from accidental falls.Premium Material --- Composed of lightweight aluminum alloy content together with the oxidized sandblasting method, the case is sleek and nonconvex. Features excessive hardness, pressure resistance and strong metal luster for not uncomplicated to rust. The lightweight aluminum alloy content is more favorable to heat dissipation.

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