Demarle Silform Perforated Mat, Square Bun 3-11/16" X 3-11/16" X 1-1/8" High, 15 Cavities

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Silform 1176 works in a full-size (18" x 26") sheet pan. Silform is a silicone-coated perforated mold perfect for an assortment of shapes such as round breads, little rounds, hot-dogs rolls, soft rolls, submarines, sandwiches, hamburger buns and other things. With its non-stick property, food is released without effort, and the perforations allow consistent heat diffusion for completely baked products. The Silform may be utilized on any sort of grids or even baking trays for baking in ventilated ovens. To augment the heat-and-air passage permitted by the Silform, use a perforated lightweight aluminum sheet pan or perhaps tray.

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