Pop! Animation: Spongebob Squarepants- Squidward

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Dance.Dance. Dance including the Bikini-Bottom Dance-a-Thon depends on it. Throw those hips. Wave those tentacles. Get your funky groove on. There is a trophy to win all things considered. We're going to warn you though: If Squidward Tentacles competes? Well, there's no desire any individuals will earn. You see, Squidward seems to have dancing skills. He can pirouette. He can disco. He can jive a lot better than a nervous sponge. Just look at this POP! Animation SpongeBob SquarePants vinyl figurine of Squidward Ballerina. Look at that poise as well as concentration. The majesty. That is a particular savvy swinging squid. Still. You might want to benefit from the dance-a-thon even if you understand you aren't going to succeed in. Why? Because everybody who dances is a winner naturally.

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