10Pcs Diy Touch Vibration Alarm Kit Electronic Training Teaching

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Functioning principle: The touching vibration security alarm includes touch trigger circuit, vibration trigger circuit as well as alarm circuit. The 555 time foundation circuit U1 forms the usual monostable working mode. The transient time is driven by the values of RP1, r2 and C2. Normally the circuit is in steady state, 555 time foundation circuit 3 pin result decreased, the security alarm chip does not alarm because there is absolutely no power cord. If the human touch the electrode sheet M, the human body caused by the clutter of the signal injected into the 555 bring about pin 2 through C1, or maybe vibration sensor S1 connect immediately because of the vibration, will certainly lead to the U1's pin 2 to show up immediately low level Hence the 555 circuit flip into the transient, pin 3 mutate to level that is high, alarm chip functions. Transient period is over, enough time base circuit to constant state, stop the alarm. The length of the alarm time can be modified by modifying RP1. LED is a two-color light-emitting diodes, eco friendly LED excellent after strength, apply as the electrical power indicator lamp, the red and green light are bright and reveals the complete orange when alarming, the resistance of resistor R5 establishes the security alarm sound play velocity, generally take 180K-240K, give consideration to set up the resistor before adding the chip, the whole circuit could work under DC 3-6V. Note: Battery isn't included. Package included: 10 x DIY Touch Vibration Alarm Kit

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