20W 450Nm Blue Light Laser Head For Master Series Diy Carving Engraving Machine Engraver Accessory

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Features:Professional laser head with good speed, high precision and also high stability.Bright blue light, simple for finding when engraving.Adjustable optical maser head, simple to adjust, make sure engraving with quality that is good as well as substantial efficiency.Laser head is more durable and healthy after heat that is high as well as long time aging.Suitable for Master sequence DIY engraving machine, simple to install.Main applications: cutting, metallic engraving, inhaling level engraving, etc. (Especially good at cutting, It can cut wood (3-8mm). It supports metallic engraving including alumina oxide, copper along with other non-reflective components, degree of engraving (0.5-3mm wood). Supported engraving materials: Wood, gray paper, leather, bamboo, blackening plastics, rubber, alumina oxide, copper, etc.Note: It is not possible to immediately engrave the metallic with effective mirror reflectivity, which could cause injury to the operator or even burn the laser. Master series engraving printer will come basic with 12V2A charger. If you would like to use 20W optical maser head, you need to prepare another 12V3A energy supply.??except Master 20W engraving machine??

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